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Lawn care

Top Choice Lawn Care

Top Choice is a division of T.P.C. Landscape Inc. We have been servicing the Twin Cities metropolitan commercial customers since 1986. We have built our business by focusing on quality, value, and unmatched service. We are now able to provide you, the homeowner, these same benefits in helping you achieve a more beautiful lawn.

Fertilization | Weed Control

Top Choice uses only the highest quality polymer sealed time-released fertilizers that are formulated for the specific needs of your lawn at the time of application. These polymer sealed time-released fertilizers produce an even and predictable release of the nitrogen and a safer, longer lasting product. It also minimizes fertilizer loss due to leaching and volatilization. No liquid fertilizers or common, agriculture fertilizers are ever used.

Core Aeration

Aerating is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn. Late summer to early fall is the best time to aerate. Aerators bring cores of soil to the lawn's surface. This process breaks up areas of compaction, increases the infiltration capacity of water and fertilizers into the soil, and also aids significantly in the control of thatch.

The soil cores can be raked off the lawn and added to your compost, if desired, but it is best to leave the cores on the lawn. They will break down fast and disappear into the lawn. When left on the surface, the soil cores add thousands of micro-organisms that help digest thatch and improve the soil. On heavy clay soils which are prevalent in new housing developments, aeration should be done every year until the soil structure improves (usually takes 6-8 years). Every two-to-three years is all that's needed on well established lawns. Aeration is available from Top Choice at an additional charge.

Lawn Seeding

Successful seeding in Minnesota can be challenging. Our ever changing weather patterns make it difficult to nail down a seeding regimen. In general perfect shade grass needs to be seeded in the spring and sunny areas in the fall. For lawns that need seeding to fill in thin or damaged areas, talk to your knowledgeable Top Choice Lawn Specialist about the most feasible and economical solution to your seeding needs.

Tree & Shrub Care

Top Choice is available to answer most of your tree and shrub questions. Call your Top Choice specialist with any of your tree or ornamental questions and they will help you resolve your concern. If a fertilizer or pesticide is needed as part of a curative program we are able to offer this at an additional charge.

Disease Control

While fungicides can do a good job at preventing disease, they are not very effective treatments. Applying fungicides to a diseased plant will, at most, minimize the spread of the disease. Fungicides will not affect what is already damaged. Fungicides work by killing the causative agents and/or by creating changes that keep the diseases from taking hold.

In the Twin Cities area, necrotic ring spot is probably the most common and damaging lawn disease. If this disease threatens your lawn, we have the expertise to be able to help you combat this problem. If fungicide is needed as part of a curative program we are able to offer this at an additional charge. Some disease problems are very difficult to control therefore it is important to talk to your Top Choice Lawn Specialist about treatment options.

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